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In the Interim

Post date: Mar 28th 2020

Members of this congregation are mailed each quarter the UU World magazine. The

Post date: Mar 21st 2020

Online Worship Sundays at 10:15 a.m.

Post date: Mar 21st 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

I am closing the church building until further notice this morning. This announcement replaces the message I sent late yesterday.

Post date: Jan 29th 2020

One thing I love about interim ministry is the partnering I get to do with a congregation and its people. A free and vital congregation seems so improbable and miraculous, and learning its histories and passions is an incredible spiritual adventure.

Post date: Dec 31st 2019

I’m so pleased to be working with such a great staff here at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. They are meeting the changes of this interim time with grace and good spirits.

Post date: Dec 5th 2019

The Spirit of the Holidays: The practice of generosity is a great tradition of so many of the holidays celebrated this time of year. There are both joys and stresses as I look for the right holiday gifts for my family.

Post date: Dec 5th 2019

Startup: Our congregations arrange for a startup workshop whenever a congregation and minister begin a new ministry together.

Post date: Oct 7th 2019

Stewardship Campaign: I’m learning a lot about the community beyond this church at Together Baton Rouge meetings.

Post date: Aug 26th 2019

It’s great to begin my time here with the Unitarian Church and see the very crowded parking lot in the past few weeks! And I see that the church has a shortage of parking spaces. Fortunately, the Starmount Insurance Company across Goodwood Avenue is happy to have us park in their lot on Sundays.

Post date: Aug 3rd 2019

My family is helping me move, and we’ve stopped halfway in our journey from Rochester, NY to Baton Rouge in Knoxville, TN. I’ve loved the view from the rental truck. The seats are elevated at least 4 feet higher than the seats in my car!