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Post date: Feb 1st 2019

In November at a town hall meeting, members of the Nominating Committee met with members of the church to discuss the ministerial search process and the desired qualities of those who will serve on the search committee.

Post date: Jan 1st 2019

The Interim Task Force is very pleased to announce that we have our January interim from the UUA Targeted Ministry Program. She comes highly recommended by our contacts at the UUA.

Post date: Dec 16th 2018

Many of you were at church on November 11 when the Interim Task Force announced, to our joy, that we had found a wonderful interim minister, Rev. Joel Miller. Part of that announcement included a short video of Joel. There he was. This is real. He smiled and said he was eager to join us.

Post date: Nov 1st 2018

I write this column during interim interview week. No news yet. I take this opportunity while we wait to quote from In the Interim: Strategies for Interim Ministers and Congregations which was edited by Keith Kron and had multiple contributors.

Post date: Sep 30th 2018

Good news – as of early September we already had two people interested in our interim opening.

Post date: Aug 31st 2018

-Do we have any names of possible interims yet?

 No. We don’t get those until early November. 

-What if we don’t like any of them?

Post date: Aug 1st 2018

The GA this year was a feast of things. Here is a list of what I learned about transitions.

First of all, it was great to meet the UUA transitions team in person. They are funny, well informed delightful folks. What is clear as well is that they are here for us.

Post date: Jul 2nd 2018

    When this is due I will be at GA and will certainly have things to report from there. However, I will use this column to tell you what we learned from The Reverend Carlton Elliot Smith during his visit with us on June 10th.

Post date: Jun 4th 2018

    Your Interim Task Force has met twice and has submitted an application for an Interim Minister to the UUA. We also decided to communicate as much as possible and in as many ways as possible. So – here is the first Transitions Column.

Post date: Apr 25th 2018
Town Hall  11/19/17          Summary of your thoughts

41 people attended; 5 groups of 8 discussed:

What is our brand? How do we wish to be known by others in our city?

We are known for action:

Respected for Social Justice Work