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60th Anniversary year

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A Year of Celebrating Our Church History
Our year-long 60th Anniversary ended as it began - with a festive Thanksgiving dinner and a capacity gathering of families and friends for our Annual All Family and Friends Thanksgiving Dinner on November 20th.   Sue Webb’s attractive centerpiece and
JoAnn and Charlie Fryling’s colorful table decorations helped create an ambiance for enjoying a Thanksgiving feast prepared by many hands. Julie Ruckstuhl’s creative 60th Anniversary logo served as a backdrop to remind us of the reason for our celebration.  Earlier in the day in the Intergenerational morning services we paid tribute to the Founders and Pillars who charted the way for our thriving church 60 years ago.  And so, as we end our six-decade milestone celebration, we move toward the next decade  - and milestone - bolstered by the hope and optimism they left us as a legacy on which to build for the future.
The December Habitat for Humanity house build will bring to a close twelve months of 60/60 Volunteer Service Projects that have helped to extend our outreach to the community and service to a number of agencies.  Many members and friends have volunteered to serve, and we have exceeded our goal of 60 congregate hours each month.  Individuals who attained the status of  “60/60 Achievers” will be recognized in January.  Congratulations to all who, through participation in monthly projects or volunteer service, joined in our goal of “helping to make this a better world” through service to our community.
Becky Cureau, 60th Anniversary Chair, 60/60 Coordinator