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Keeping a Good Church Financially Sound

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 Keeping A Good Church Financially Sound


Financially speaking, how is our church doing?

By year-end, we will need $64,267 in order not to go into the red.


Is our Board and leadership concerned?

Yes. The church leadership wants the congregation to be informed of our status, our need, and a solution.


What’s happening?

Contributions to the Great Expectations drive are, for the most part, on target, but contributions to our Operating Budget are behind projections.


What happens if we don’t finish this year in the black?  

We have no plan for such a scenario.


Would our staffing plans be affected by a short fall?

Yes, without question.


What can we do to help?

Make certain your pledge is current by Christmas, at least by 12/31/14. If your pledge is current, please consider an extra gift.


If you are unsure of your current balance, please contact Allison at the church: 225-926-2291 or office@


Thank you for your care and generosity. We have a festive season in the making with great plans for the New Year.