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VOTE  on Tuesday, November 4. Study those proposed constitutional amendments before going to the polls.

Rally for Justice in New Iberia for Victor White, III,   is set for Saturday, November 8.   We will start at our church lot at 8 AM.   From the lot, we'll carpool and arrive in time for the 10 AM rally at the New Iberia Courthouse, Iberia and Pershing streets.  Victor White III, died while handcuffed and under arrest.  City police say he died by suicide.  But the White family doeds not find the account credible and are demanding a full account of what happened to their son.

The Pilgrims were Congregationalists, like us.  Their polity(their form of government) is our polity.  They were free of the Church of England, its doctrine, its ecclesiology, and its bishops so they covenanted as members to form and be a church.  In the 19th Century, theological differences over the goodness of human nature, the place of reason in religion, and the Trinity would create a split resulting in what appears today on the American landscape as the United Church of Christ (the creedal Trinitarians) and the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Both religious groups, however, share a common history in New England congregationalism.

Saying Grace, for families who do not currently observe the practice, won't kill anybody and I would argue saying grace contributes to keeping society civil.  We creatures did not create ourselves.  With few exceptions in our congregation, we did not produce most of the food we consume at our table.  For all of us, we are contingent, dependent, and interdependent.  Saying a few words of gratitude is an appropriate behavior that keeps us human and focused on life-itself.  Find the words that work for you and do not make it a joke, or a funny time at your table; assuming, of course, that family members do actually get around to sitting at a table (with the phones and TV off) and sharing a meal together, a vanishing tradition that I fear is adding to the coarsening of civil society.   Here, now, are some springboards for thought, for encouraging the spirit of a thankful heart:

We give thanks for Being.

We give thanks for being here.

We give thanks for being here together.

We give thanks for being here together sharing the bounty of the earth.                          (The Reverend John A. Buehrens)


Spirit of Life, God known by many names, for all the gifts we have received:  for birthdays and whales and soup and chocolate and fuzzy pets and water slides and camping and ovrnights and scary stories and parties and fractions and warm blankets and smiles and caring, and for the food we eat, we are thankful.                         (The Reverend Steve J. Crump)


i thanks you God for most this amazing day:

for the leaping greenly spirits of trees

and a blue true dream of sky;

and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes.                                        (e.e.cummings)


Thrive Stewardship Drive is not complete.  Thanks to all member households from whom we have heard.  Several member households have met or are reaching a half-tithe of their income.  That's leadership!   And many households are happily responding to the request to add 5 cents to every dollar of current year pledge.  Awesome.  Please go online or complete the form included in this newsletter.

Thanksgiving Day Potluck Dinner:  I'll see you on Thursday, November 27, 1 PM.