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Thrive:Please add a nickel to every dollar of this year's financial contribution to make the 2015 budget.  That's what is required.  I've added my nickel to each dollar I have pledged for 2014 and I hope you will do the same. We are a growing congregation, running 7 days a week, at all hours, because someone on our staff is on call.  You know what our objectives are: to fund fully our Assistant Minister position, to search for and hire an Executive Director to help our church run smoothly; to finish our parking lot, paved through Great Expectation funds, and to get to the next project, the sanctuary enhancement. We have a five-year plan for accomplishing everything listed here, but the main thing is our congregation's engagement, financial contribution, trust, and follow-through.  Also, have you lately told a church volunteer leader that you appreciate her/his effort? Bring your current pledges up to date and remember the nickel to each dollar for your 2015 commitment. The vectors are positive.

 Benediction:At the close of the services on Sunday, 9/21/14, I was inspired by the life story of Alice Herz-Sommer, the world's oldest Holocaust survivor. She was most definitely a talented and much beloved teacher and concert pianist all of her life. Some of us can be artists in our lives, but all of us can be artists of our lives.

 Transcript from my recent radio interview with Jim Engster, 9/8/14:  "One lesson we need to take away [from the murder-suicide of an alleged sex offender on 8/27/14] is the power and, I must also say, the goodness of sexuality and human relationships in mutuality . . . I indicated earlier, and the law supports it, that a child cannot give informed consent so there is not really mutuality in a child and adult sexual relationship.  And I think [there is a lesson] of goodness, I know Judaism teaches this as well –Judaism does not have the concept of original sin and all that baggage that I think Christianity created . . . But let us also talk a bit about the church and religious institutions. This [the church] is one of the last places really where there's intergenerational living, outside the family. And we don't do it perfectly but I think we try to do it well. We just believe that adults and children ought to be together, as I said to some church leaders, when I die, I don't want people coming all mournfully solemn, saying this and that in hushed tones.  I want a child running, kicking a ball underneath my bed, being chased by a cat or a dog . . . I think that intergenerational living is very important. And we must, yes, be cautious, do all that background checking, have that two-adult rule with all children. If churches aren't doing that, they ought to adopt that policy.  But do not give up on loving one another. And also trust . . .  Where would life and relationships be if we weren't trusting of one another?. . .  So, we are going to be deceived at times . . . And we're going to be hurt.  No question about it . . . We want to extend our care and our kindness to one another.  We hope that it will be reciprocated in a healthy manner. Of course, this story is a great tragedy and sadness for all people, especially the children."



Thanksgiving Day Potluck Dinner:Thursday, November 27, 1 pm.After discussion with volunteers (and senior staff) who are engaged in various teams of ministry, our church is moving the Thanksgiving Dinner from Sunday to Thanksgiving Day and opening our church on a holiday when members and friends of the church might not otherwise have a holiday table around which to gather for fellowship, food, and the spirit of Thanksgiving. Our change also opens up the prospect of having five consecutive Healing Services from Nov. 9 through Dec. 7.