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Get to Know Our Church

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We have a Lending Library contained within bookshelves in the hall between the Listening Room and the Office Manager door.

There are books on African-American Studies, Death & Dying, Freethinkers, Gay-Lesbian Studies, Philosophy, Spirituality, Women's Studies and most of the major world religions including our own.   We have recently added a section of Poetry and Humor, which is growing slowly. There are DVDs for borrowing and UU magazines which you may pass along to others or recycle.

 These books are a valuable resource to aid us in our search for truth and meaning in our lives and learn more about our faith community.

 To borrow a book is easy:  write the date and your name and e-mail or phone on the card found in the pocket in the back of the book you want to borrow and then place the card in the file box under YOUR name.   Please return the book when you have finished with it so it may be circulated to others.  A basket marked "Returned Books" is by the shelves.                                   Thanks, Dottie Kelly