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Moving towards Design:With hopeful anticipation, our Great Expectations Steering team and architect are likely to present a preliminary design for our campus (parking lot, landscaping, and enhancements) by late summer.  As you know, 6 impaired and diseased trees have already been removed from our campus.  Currently, we are securing a survey to determine elevations, property lines, servitude identification, and other needed information to plan our parking lot.  We remind members to maintain their financial commitments in a timely fashion to our church, noting whether each contribution is for our Operating Budget (OB) or for Great Expectations (GE).

 Watch live-streaming coverage from the UUA General Assembly on the website.  The General Assembly from Providence, RI, opens on Wednesday, June 25 and runs through Sunday, June 29.  At least 6 from our congregation will be in attendance, including President Nancy Gilbert.

 Sunday Feedback  – and I thank you for it on the sermon dealing with funerals and memorial services in our church.  I will have the sermon posted online soon, but until then, keep in mind that both Nathan and I are prepared to meet you when a loved one is dying or has died, and we prefer to be in contact before you call the funeral home. We can help you avoid the pitfalls.  We encourage our members to go the full distance with our loved ones.  We know families, at least when accompanied, are capable of going to the crematorium or to the very edge of the grave to complete what mourners used to do in our society until about 50 or so years ago when the funeral industry, sadly, undertook everything.  You'll be interested, if you did not attend the services on Memorial Day weekend, May 25, why pre-need contracts with the funeral industry are problematic and inadvisable.  I explained that Living Wills are mostly hold-harmless documents that protect healthcare institutions and the people who work for them but do little for the signee.  A better document is the Five Wishes, copies of which the ministers have for you to complete and discuss with your families.

 When to Call a Minister 

  1. When you are going into the hospital.
  2. When a relationship is in trouble.
  3. When you or your daughter/son has a wedding to be planned and conducted.
  4. When you have an issue or complaint.

        Please communicate directly.

  1. When a person you know needs a call.
  2. When there is a prospective member you would like one of the ministers to meet.
  3. When there is a death in the family.
  4. When there is a personal loss.
  5. When you are thinking about dropping your membership or moving away.
  6. If you need to discuss an addiction issue or simply need to share.
  1. If you would like to have your child named in a child dedication service.

  1. If you have vocational, ethical, or religious questions to discuss.
  2. If you would like to make a special gift to the church.