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Breaking News: This summer Matthew Fox is returning to our church.  In partnership with The Red Shoes, our church will again host this creation spirituality mystic speaking on Intergenerational Wisdom and Spirituality for the 21st Century on Friday evening and all day Saturday, August 22 & 23. Mark your calendars and tell your friends.

 Child Dedication for children and families: We are conducting on Mother's Day, (Mamas Day,) Sunday, May 11, a child dedication for children and their families. If your child has not been dedicated (typically our infants and young children) please contact The Reverends Beth Williams, Nathan Ryan, or me.

 Our Congregational Meeting on 4/27 included substantive issues.  By majority vote, our congregation approved policy governance by adopting new bylaws. We also are sending the membership wording back to the Board and congregation for more conversation.  Our endeavor to govern ourselves is a direct consequence of congregational polity. No authority higher than the congregation directs and governs our church –no bishop, no pope, no ecclesiastical council or conference.  We are in charge, just as the pilgrims before us chose to organize their own churches and worship freely in them.  Our polity is congregational   – an inheritance of the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment.

 Here are the principles of Right Relationship in churches, as presented at the beginning of our congregational meeting on 4/27 by Board members, Sally Wood and Nancy Gilbert:

        To remember that we are all working for the same goal of   supporting our religious community.

  • ·       To treat others as I would be treated  –fairly and respectfully.
  • ·       To honor our commitment to inclusiveness by respecting differences that exists between us.
  • ·       To listen to the views of others and to be sensitive of their feelings.
  • ·       To keep my commitments and take responsibility for my actions.
  • ·       To forgive others and myself for mistakes.
  • ·       To maintain healthy emotional and physical boundaries.
  • ·       To recognize, use, and abide by agreed-upon decisions, processes and policies of the congregation arrived at through the democratic process.
  • ·       To refrain from using church gatherings and communications as a forum for working our own personal agendas.
  • ·       To take concerns directly to those involved.
  • ·       To refrain from engaging in harmful gossip, both oral and written, ridiculing or attacking others by word or deed and to discourage such behavior in others.
  • ·       To respect, support and appreciate our staff, elected leaders and volunteers, recognizing work schedules and to refrain from unreasonable requests.
  • ·       To attempt to resolve disagreements rather than leaving.

 Trees on our campus: Diseased or impaired trees destined for removal have white ribbons attached to their trunks. Alas, we are sorry to see them go but it is clear we must prepare our site properly before we lay a parking lot and enhance landscaping.