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Policy Governance

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The organic goals affirmed by our congregation in February of 2012, included:

 Administration:  Ongoing review of administrative structures as church staff and programming grows. 

 To implement this goal, the Board of Trustees invited Alban Institute Consultant Dan Hotchkiss to give a workshop for the leadership and to consult with us to accomplish this goal.    The board and staff agreed that a governance change was needed and the Board of Trustees appointed us to help them create a set of policies to define a new governance system. 

 We’ve worked with the Board over the course of the last eight months to accomplish this goal.  In the new system, the Board will be responsible for governance and concentrate on the church’s vision, mission and goals and accomplish them by delegating authority to the staff to accomplish the work or ministry.  A set of policies was affirmed by the Board of Trustees at their May meeting.

 A trial run will begin in the fall of 2013 and if it is successful, the congregation will be asked in May of 2014 to formalize the change by amending the bylaws.    It will be a challenging year, as the board and staff will both be in transition