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Each week we get closer to our goal for the Great Expectations Capital Growth Campaign, but we simply have not heard from everyone.  I remain optimistic, but we need to hear from others who have been in deliberation.  Some members are increasing their original commitments. Others are considering doing likewise.  Members have expressed to me their eagerness in getting the projects rolling, especially those who are paying into the campaign on a regular basis.  Please be generous, and consider how we can make the campaign a success.


Trust, Argo, and our congregation ~  

Why would people give hard-earned dollars and in several cases, hard assets, to a drive that merely promises what a congregation will do with the cash?  Trust.  I was reminded of that fine word recently while viewing the film Argo, which won the Oscar for best film this year. Like the Titanic, we know how the film ends; the ship sinks. In the case of Argo, we know at the outset that 6 Americans will be rescued from the Canadian Embassy in Tehran, but how did it happen?  Trust is another name for a religious stage of development. If child developmental experts are correct, trust happens shortly after we are born: either the world is trustworthy or it is not. We do the first assessment, say the experts, from an adult's eyes, smile, and face, typically from our mothers. But trust is tested through life and later becomes linked with another core value, faith.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film Argo.  It is smartly written, full of suspense, and well executed.  See how trust and faith, in the broadest understanding of those words, operate in the film, in your life, and in all we do in our church.


An Open Letter from clergy to Governor Jindal regarding his sales tax proposal is posted on the United Faith Community of Louisiana website.  I am one of the signatories.


Have you read the Covenant between the Assistant and Senior Minister? The Covenant is a document created by The Reverend Ryan and me, describing our working/professional relationship with each other in the ministry we conduct here in the congregation. Please review the Covenant on our website under: March Newsletter. 


A modified educational leave begins for me on April 1.  I call it a "modified leave" because I plan to engage with staff as needed, staying attuned to our capital drive, and working with the Governance Task Force. With assistance from the Worship Guild, The Reverend Nathan Ryan, and additional colleagues, I will get a break from planning, creating, and conducting worship services for three months. Church staff will always be able to reach me in an emergency.