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Look for and listen to selected AUDIO clips from The Ordination Service for The Reverend Nathan Ryan on our website.  It was a grand celebration of exquisite care and feeling in numerous configurations and manifestations –an unrepeatable moment in the life of our congregation and for our Assistant Minister. Behold, what do we next create together?  A better world, of course.


You would be correct, if you thought that clergy think of their own ordinations when they attend and participate in a colleague's ordination.  The service functions at several levels for laity and clergy alike.  Collectively, clergy and laity, think of their connections to the larger religious movement. While recognizing we come from a long line of UUs, we also realize that we are the ones, in this time, to carry the tradition forward.  We become more committed as Unitarian Universalists and take pride in that relationship.


Read the Covenant between the Assistant and Senior Ministers on page 11 of this newsletter, as presented to the Congregation at the worship services on Sunday, February 17. 


Spring is here at church and is spreading through southern Louisiana. The azaleas will be gone by Easter, but our campus will be ready to receive your flowers for the Flower Festival and Communion on Easter Sunday Morning, March 31. It is time again to invite a guest to church and when you do, introduce her or him to one of the ministers.


Be the winner of the sermon topic to be auctioned off at the Auction Gala, Saturday, March 23.  It will cost you, but it will be fun. Here's the deal:  the highest bidder gets to pick the topic of the sermon that I will write and deliver on a Sunday morning when the top bidder can be present in the congregation.  Previous winning topics: Food Ethics, Star Trek, Spinoza, Aesop's Fables. Foye Lowe's winning topic will be disclosed fully when I deliver the sermon on March 10.


An educational leave, previously postponed, is now set for me to begin on April 1.  I will not be far away, (I call it a "modified leave") during which I plan to engage with staff as needed, staying attuned to our capital drive, and working with the Governance Task Force. With assistance from the Worship Guild, The Reverend Nathan Ryan, and additional colleagues, I will get a break from planning, creating, and conducting worship services for three months. Church staff will always be able to reach me in an emergency.     


The Great Expectations Capital Growth Campaign, now having broken the one-million-dollar threshold in commitments, has several miles to go in this marathon.  See page 7. A record of your payments to the Operating Budget and the Capital Growth Campaign will be sent to households in April.  To all those who support our church and its upcoming projects with timely payments, we express our appreciation and gratitude.