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We vote on Sunday, January 27 at 12:45 pm to approve the 2013 operating budget of our church.

Save the Date: The Ordination for Nathan A. Ryan , our Assistant Minister, is set for Sunday afternoon, February 24, 5:30 PM. This is a high-church event for the entire church family of adults and children, with reception following.

An Open Letter to G_d:

Dear G_d: Excuse my arrogance for thinking I know how to address you, know how to spell your name, let alone know your name. And writing you, like children might write Santa Claus, is one more offense.

Why we do that which we know we should not is an ancient problem with humans. I confess this letter was motivated by my need for equal time. So many in the land are accusing you of being silent when innocents are slaughtered.  Many claim you're just fed up with us and "you're teaching us all a lesson," (that old shibboleth) arguing, as they do, that bad things happen as a consequence of your punishment or your perverse parenting style. Your current reputation is unwittingly promoted so offensively that I find atheists are blameless in their dismissal of you. Others in our society may privately think you are not worthy of worship. False and phony gods eventually fall flat like helium balloons released of their gas. God balloons come and go. And while I hurry the change, others argue that this country needs more god. The polling I've seen shows that nearly 90% of the population already believes in you –causing me, on some mornings, to think a causal relationship exists between violence and god belief. Oh, these mysterious correlations.  Excuse me for saying so, but I think we've exceeded our limit of god belief that is vapid, toxic, or intellectually impoverished. I trust your ego is not as big as mine and that you have not taken offense.

Here's what I think: I don't think our country is more evil or more mentally ill than other industrialized nations. While we are more religious than any nation on the planet, I think the god we need less of is the blue god, the red god, the sectarian god etc. I suspect you are none of those gods and that you are G_d beyond god. I am certain I don't know your name beyond all names. I don't think you liberate concentration camps, stop speeding bullets, or reform public policy because we humans are endowed with free will, meaning that you are not omnipotent and, thus, not responsible for the next horrid thing we will commit, the care we avoid, or the next intelligent solution we humans will find. Often I call you a process of creative interchange –to remind myself and others of our own creative stuff, our evolved intelligence, our endowed ability, and our occasional self-awareness to create solutions to the problems for which we are uniquely responsible.  So, I'm giving notice. I probably won't be praying to you to confront injustice, end needless violence, or distribute the very basics of survival to other people –for such a prayer risks insulting you and our own evolved capacity to will and to decide to make this a better world.