Beloved Conversations Alumni Presentation - Poetry Workshop by Donney Rose

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., in the Sanctuary

Poet Donney Rose will guide us in a process using prose poetry, a hybrid genre of writing that occurs when someone writes prose using poetry techniques. After watching the model poem "How to Raise A Black Son In America" by Clint Smith, we will explore our experiences and feelings about micro- aggressions. Adults and senior youth are invited. Lunch will be provided, so starting in January, please sign up at the church or email MiJa Thompson ( or Maida Owens ( Donney is a community activist who has performed at our church many times. He uses the arts to address racial inequities of being black in the South in addition to more personal issues of family, illness, love and loss. His activism focuses on helping youth find their voice in Baton Rouge. He is the marketing director and a teaching artist with Forward Arts.This workshop is part of a series of activities to help heal the spiritual and organizational wounds that racism and other forms of oppression cause in our faith community. Activities will help make our church more welcoming and help us individually become more aware of how micro-aggressions can make others feel uncomfortable.

In November, Ed Lyons' presented "A Virtual Tour of Social and Environmental Injustice on the River Road," which prompted a passionate discussion by the 23 people who attended. At the Odell S. Williams Now and Then African American Museum, Sadie Roberts-Joseph gave a tour including a bus in the Baton Rouge bus boycott. 99-year-old Johnnie Jones spoke to the group about his life and work as a civil rights lawyer.