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Casting a Vision for Family Ministry

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Family ministry aims to support families of all configurations by modeling how to bring our faith home.  ~Kim Sweeney, UU Religious Educator

At its core, UU family faith development is a journey of relationships.  Family members connect and reconnect with one another, the faith community, and the universe itself to discover and rediscover a seeking, active faith. from 

As I walk around the halls of General Assembly this year – talking to folks, attending workshops, picking up resources – I am hearing a lot of excitement around family ministry.  People are talking about lots of innovative approaches to how we do church.  But how family ministry manifests in our churches is individual, for each church has its own dreams, needs, and visions.  And how we get from here to there takes some time and thought by the congregation.

That’s why this August we are hosting a “Family Ministry Visioning Workshop”.  We will take a weekend to really take an in-depth look at where our congregation has been, what we are hoping for, and how we can begin to get there. 

We’d like to see a wide cross-section of people.  “Family” comes in all configurations, and it doesn’t just mean “families with children”.  So while we are inviting parents, we are also inviting folks from across the church as well –Board of Trustees, worship leaders, social justice, choir, building and grounds.  How we do family ministry is how we do church. We’d like to include your voice.

We’ve invited Kim Sweeney, a nationally known church consultant, to facilitate this workshop.  She will lead us as we tell our story and cast our vision for the future.  Kim’s workshops include opportunities to talk, listen, move, and create.  So while you will be doing important work, you will enjoy the process, as well. 

The workshop will be Friday evening, August 17, and Saturday, August 18.  Childcare and meals are provided.  Put it on your calendar now so you don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the life of your church.