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Family Ministry by Kathy E. Smith

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Words to Live By:

“One of the wonders of UU church life is that the boundaries between the sacred and the secular need not exist. Spiritual encounters can take place anywhere.”

– Barbara Wells, UU minister

 “Ask adults what they remember from Sunday School and you’ll hear memories of doing. … Religious education (RE) should be as hands-on, innovative, and creative as possible.”

– Joy Berry, UU religious educator 

    Welcome to our Rainbow Summer of Make and Do: combining stories and challenges to engage hearts and hands in being UU.  It’s a rainbow because we’ll be learning about our principles one by one, and it’s Make and Do because that’s what we’ll be doing! 

    Each week everyone from grade 1 to 8 will start together in one big room for a thought-provoking story and a few wondering questions touching on the theme of the day.  Then the children will choose what activity they would like to participate in.  We will have three special rooms set up: Art & Creativity, Movement & Games, and Think & Do.  Most Sundays each room will have a challenge for the day.  (On those Sundays when we do not have two volunteers for all three rooms, we will.) 

    For instance, on the Sunday that our story is about our first principle, respect for all people, children can choose between people collages in the art room, creating a domino run in the movement room, or working together to assemble a bookshelf in the think-and-do room. Each of these activities illustrates in a hands-on way how important each person’s contribution is. 

    Chalice Children, our preschool class, will meet in their own classroom for stories and activities on the principle of the week.  Senior Youth will meet in their classroom as well – they will be experiencing spiritual practices of all kinds.

    If you would like to make and do with our children and youth this summer, please say yes when you are asked.  Or send me an email or text for more information.