Ecuadorian Earthquake Benefit Concert in Church Sanctuary

    There will be an Ecuadorian Earthquake benefit concert on Sunday, April 29th, at the Baton Rouge Unitarian Church at 8470 Goodwood Blvd in our church sanctuary. It is being presented by Baton Rouge harpist and teacher, Ginna Paredes. Ms Paredes, (Pa-red-es) who is a native of Ecuador, will be joined by a group of musicians from Baton Rouge.  The music will vary from classical to improv and will feature harp, piano, viola and oboe.

    The village of Muisne was near the epicenter of the series of earthquakes which destroyed much of coastal Ecuador in the spring of 2016. The first relief concert brought an entire water system to the town. This concert is to continue to help the villagers of Muisne, who are struggling to purchase building materials and supplies, in an effort to continue rebuilding their lives. 100% of all donations, will be given to the nonprofit organization, C - CONDEM (Corporación Coordinadora Nacional para la Defensa del Ecosistema Manglar,)