Open Circle Book Club

The meeting date for February has been changed from February 4 to the 11th.  

The book for February, 2018 is Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee, translated by Robert van Gulik. Amazon begins its description with "Long before Western writers had even conceived the idea of writing detective stories, the Chinese had developed a long tradition of literary works that chronicled the cases of important district magistrates….” Mark suggested this book because his grandson had read it for a class at LSU - and it turned out that it was Kris’ class! So Kris will lead the discussion.

We normally meet in the office at the church on the first Sunday night of each month.   Newcomers are welcome.  Please contact Susan Beversluis at for questions or to be put on the mailing list.  The schedule of books is listed on this web site under LEARN/Adult/All Programs then Open Circle Book Club; follow program reference link below.

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