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President's Column

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   Under our model of church governance the board writes an Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) at the beginning of the board year (May to April/May). It is our message to our ministry team leader (Steve) about what we think is most important to accomplish this year. It’s got to be short or it wouldn’t be our priorities. Short lists are hard to make. We have to be clear with ourselves, each other, and finally agree on the few words that will be clear to Steve and to you. 

   In the process we learn each other’s’ strengths, priorities, and willingness to engage, do the work. Your board, like so many of you who teach, mentor, comfort, advocate, clean up, keep the doors open…is willing. 

   Some work is never finished – ourselves, relationships, democracy, groceries, bills. You know. Some work calls for completion so that you make take a deep breath, celebrate and move on. The AVOM includes both kinds of work. It is:

1. Create a communications strategy and begin implementation. 

2.  Guide and support transitions and transformations within the church.

   • Full implementation of Policy Governance
   • Staff transitions 
   • Transition to Family Ministry
   • Finish Great Expectations

3. Create a safe space in which to deepen our internal and external work on: creating racial reconciliation; assuring inclusion of the historically marginalized; and fostering multiculturalism. 

   We will formally present this short list to you for discussion at the Congregational meeting on September 24th. We welcome and encourage discussion with you about it before then. What is important to you? 

~Holley Haymaker, Board President