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First of all, thank you. Thank you for being a member of our wonderful church. Thank you for showing up at the May Congregational Meeting so we could a reach quorum and for voting to allow me to serve as your president. I promise to work seriously and with joy. 

Greetings from New Orleans and GA where there are over 4000 UUs in one spot. Among those who stood on the big stage yesterday (Thursday) were Nathan Ryan, Leslie Grover, Jayden Bryant (looking smashing in her pink bandana) and Ed Lyon (who in the afternoon did a fascinating workshop with Charlie Fryling, Cynthia Bryant and Nancy Rabalais).  What a church! If I have left anyone out I am sorry and take this opportunity to let you all know that I make no claims on perfection and really want to hear from you if I have forgotten you or something you consider important or have said or done something that bothers you. It’s your church. I am here to listen. 

In fact, listening will be a major focus of the board this year. George Miller has agreed to spearhead our informal board taskforce on listening… but talk with any of us. Here some terms and phrases I heard while listening at GA yesterday: radical transparency; let us work on the quality of difficult conversations, share our trials and hold each other in love; it is always OK to ask where race and culture affect our conversations and our actions; work inside and outside the faith are of one cloth; Universalism; covenant; a faith that helps us speak truth to power.  

Onward. There is much to do. My email is, phone number is 225-892-0951, and I pay attention to both of them and to you.

~Holley Haymaker, Board President