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Steve Crump, who is currently on educational/sabbatical leave and away from parish responsibilities through June 30, reports:

Just as my sabbatical began, I learned of my cousin Patricia Stagen's death.

A trip to Illinois last month to be with siblings was a joyful and meaningful reunion. 

The family event coincided with the USITT Expo in St. Louis, a conference for theatre tech people.  I strolled through booths of amazing technology.  Audio, video, and special effects galore. (No, I'm not bringing a fog machine home, but I was tempted.)  Because Phase II of Great Expectations calls for a renovation of audio-visual infrastructure in our sanctuary, I was particularly interested in a wireless microphone at Expo that won an Academy Award this year  --demonstrated to me by a Unitarian Universalist who was assigned to represent the company.  I look forward to tackling the many issues of our sanctuary project.

What is this white stuff?  The last, gentle snow of winter in Illinois was a personal and unexpected delight.  May the season of spring and Eastertide be well with the congregation.  Continue your hospitality to guest ministers and extend your appreciation to those familiar laborers in our church who serve the congregation in my absence. And, as usual, extend your care to one another.

[In Steve's absence, Nathan Ryan is serving asActing Ministry Team Leaderand Diana Dorroh is serving asExecutive Assistant.]