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VOTE on Tuesday, November 8:  Though the media tell you that votes are "up for grabs," I remember the late Daniel Schoor of NPR reminding us frequently that votes are never "up for grabs," and that such a characterization is harmful to the spirit and the legitimizing power of the ballot box in a democracy.  Add one more personal pet peeve:  the subject-verb aggravation of "media is." The media are plural in number and impossible to count.  Now, you have my footnotes to a pre-election sermon, to be delivered on Sunday, November 6.

 When can we park?  Wait until the ALL CLEAR. Once the parking lot is finished, we'll give an all-clear signal for Unitarian Universalists to "start your engines" and park.  Please observe inlets, outlets, and reserved disabled parking spaces.

 The Church That Shows Up  is our stewardship drive and program theme. We await more financial commitment cards from our congregation.  If you have not already turned in your card, please mail, go online, or hand deliver your pledge for year 2017. Thank you to all who renewed your financial commitments to the church and to those who increased your pledges as well.

 Gratitude Attitudes  "There is something about offering thanks that makes us whole," writes Martin B. Copenhaver.  Saying words of gratitude is an appropriate behavior that keeps us human and focused on life-itself.  Find the words that work for you and do not make it a joke, or a funny time at your table, assuming, of course, that family members do actually get around to sitting at a table (with the phones and TV off) and sharing a meal together, a tradition worth savoring. Here, now, are some springboards for thought, for encouraging the spirit of a thankful heart:

 We give thanks for Being. 

We give thanks for being here.

We give thanks for being here together.

We give thanks for being here together, sharing the bounty of the earth.  (The Reverend John A. Buehrens)

 Spirit of Life, God known by many names, for all the gifts we have received:  for birthdays and whales and soup and chocolate and fuzzy pets and water slides and camping and overnights and scary stories and parties and fractions and warm blankets and smiles and caring, and for the food we eat, we are thankful.  (The Reverend Steve J. Crump)

 i thank You God for most this amazing day:

for the leaping greenly spirits of trees

and a blue true dream of sky;

and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes.(e.e. cummings)

 Thanks to all who have completed or who are completing Great Expectations giving in this calendar year.  The bills for the parking lot are all coming due. Please examine your latest statement or call the church to arrange for your final payments.