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President's Message

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 Dear Members and Friends,

      This has been a summer of great trial for our area – first Alton Sterling’s death, then the assignation of police officers, and now flood waters over taking many of our members and friends homes.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed.   But, as we all know, inaction in the face of adversity is not the nature of this church.  Rather, we have shown time and time again that we are the church that shows up.   So, I am asking that each of us show up in whatever way we can.  Our needs are great and diverse - We need people to go to houses to help clean and gut, we need people who can help pack, we need people who can help move, we need people who can do laundry, we need people who can help affected members complete paperwork, we need supplies, we need housing for volunteers coming in to help, and we need money to help fund our flood relief efforts. 

     If you are able to provide direct assistance to members and/or friends, please contract Dottie Kelly at the church (225-926-2291) and tell her when and how you can help.  It is important that she knows so efforts can be coordinated.   If you can make a donation, you have the following options:

              a) If you want to donate via check, please send it to church at 8470 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.  Be sure to write     “UCBR Flood Fund” on memo line. You can also put check in offering on Sunday morning

             b) If you want to donate electronically, go to website and click on Donate! Link.  Use “Other” section and write that it is for Flood Relief.  Can be one-time donation or recurring.

     Speaking of showing up, our first congregational meeting for the new church year is Sunday, September 18, at 12:45 PM.  During this meeting, Steve will introduce the preliminary budget developed to fund our annual visions of ministry.  Then, members will get a chance to affirm their support of the budget - an important step in planning and launching the upcoming stewardship campaign.  We also hear an update from the Great Expectation Steering Committee. 

      So, let’s do what we always do – show up to lend our support to our members and friends impacted by the flood and by showing up to do the important business of this church on 9/18 (yes, we need a quorum). 


In deep gratitude to all that you are and all that you do,                  Melanie