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Crump Expressway

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 Let the Demolition Begin:On behalf of the congregation, Board Chair/President of the Congregation, Melanie Mayeux, and I, signed a contract with Hard Rock Construction, L.L.C. of Metairie to construct our new parking lot, courtyard, Peace Stones Meadow, two new street entrances, lighting, including demolition of the old parking lot.  Barring weather or unforeseen difficulties, we anticipate a completion sometime in late September or early October.  Your Great Expectations Steering Team was engaged in competitive bidding on this project. We reviewed numerous bids.  Hard Rock, a large construction firm, is currently engaged in a downtown street-scape project involving sidewalk, plantings, and benches (near Florida and Lafayette streets.) 

 Safety First:Our church is OPEN during the entire construction project, though there will be limited entrances to our buildings.  Adhere to our signage. Signage is there for everyone's protection. All adults, not only parents, should help to keep children and others safe.

 We love to sing.Our congregation named 69 "favorite hymns," in our recent informal polling in May, prior to Music Ministry Sunday.  Though we only sang hymns from the top 5 on our list on Sunday, May 22, our wide range of choices suggests an interesting array of tastes and a diversity which is our congregation.  Some of our members asked for hymns that were in neither of our hymnbooks, another sign that we carry with us the best of other religious traditions and secular culture as well.  The late Erik Routley once said, "Hymns are like people. They have personality and character.  If congregants respond to new hymns with, 'Why do we have to sing hymns like that,' don't be surprised if [those congregants] aren't very open to having new people attend their church as well." Ours is a singing congregation. We can be boisterous, soft, reflective, confident, and proud.  And from my vantage point, we do not, as some congregations have been known to do, look ahead at the lyric for personal lyric agreement, and on that basis decide whether to join in on congregational singing.  When we sing together, we breathe together.  And if we breathe together, we can do almost anything together. 

Green-for-Greenis a church fundraiser to fund a landscape/irrigation plan for our campus with focus on the parking lot, west of our buildings.  I know you want to see the parking lot get underway, as do I. But I also don't want the project to end in the middle of tropical storm season and witness an un-landscaped parking lot, quite vulnerable to erosion. Green-for-Green means giving green cash or preferably checks to pay for sod and plants and irrigation. We have $91,934 more to raise.  Make your giving priority first to our Operating Budget, next to Great Expectations, and then Green-for-Green. I soon plan to make a gift to GG. I hope you can also.