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Notes and Beats

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On March 4, the women’s ensemble of the choir will sing music for the services.   The Introit is a Spiritual Quodlibet arranged by Isaya Barnwell and the anthem text by Rabindranath Tagore has been set to music by Elizabeth Alexander. 


Singer/guitarist Kevin Johnson returns to sing for the services on March 11. 


Our Baroque ensemble will provide instrumental music for recorders, viol and harpsichord for the services on March 18. 


The choir sings music from the 19th century American hymnody tradition on March 25.   Hymn tunes from this period frequently come from the Sacred Harp, Kentucky Harmony or Christian Harmony or similar singing books.  Our Introit, My Dear Redeemer, comes from this tradition through the Mennonite Hymnal and the tune is called simply a Folk Hymn, although the composer, Jeremiah Ingalls was well known in the early 19th century.  Our Anthem, God is Seen, also from the same tradition is an energetic tune arranged by Alice Parker. 


Auction Item:  Again this year, a class for singing will be offered. A group class of 6-8 people will focus on exploring our singing possibilities.  We will work with breath support, sound production, and range, to name just a few of the challenges we face when we sing.  Look for the silent auction signup sheet.


Thank you for your kind thoughts of sympathy expressed to me on the occasion of the sudden death of my sister Priscilla Hawkinson in January.  Priscilla and I enjoyed a lively dialogue for most of our adult lives.   We agreed on very little but seemed to know which topics to avoid, and which topics to argue.  She will be missed by her family and her friends.