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Generosity is the real theme of this campaign –the real theme of our lives.

relationships—This church, your church, will be there for you in more ways than you yet know.

exquisite—Let's do the project with a sense of art, quality, and good form.

accomplishment—There is joy as all of us participate in the task at hand.

transparency—Donors trust us to do the work and handle money with transparency.

Everyone participates.

x the unknown quantity—No one knows what it would cost to replace this church in our lives.

postponements were once rational and explainable, but no longer.

enchilada—Let's finish the whole project.

commitments of currency, checks, CDs, coins, cars, cans, cotton, corn, etc.

thank you is the best prayer of life.

attainable—Ours is a thoroughly we-can-do-it project.

tenacity is a quality of this resilient congregation. Surely, you've noticed.

imagination—We each need it to live and to thrive and so does a church.

ooh, that was a fine gift, but your generosity does not surprise us.

noel—It feels like Christmas is coming to our church. Hearts, be glad.

some sacrifice is called for from each household.

Members will no doubt make decisions about re-allocating charitable contributions

for the next three years because of this campaign. We're not looking for loose

change. Commitment and some sacrifice is called for.

Each household this year is asked to make two commitments:

one for the 2013 operating budget and the second for the Capital

Growth Campaign, a gift that can be paid over a three-year time period.