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At precisely this time of year, in September, I was a candidate for this church.  "An adventure," the search committee promised me along with "great potential for ministry in a fine city."  And it was, still is, and will be.  Last month, a long-term member of the church said to me, "All vectors of our church are pointed in a positive direction."  That was a refreshing and pleasant observation.  We worked hard to get here. And the biggest projects lie ahead.  I have a long list of things I'd like to see. 


September also reminds me of my month of arrival in Louisiana decades ago and meeting the congregation and children for the first time and experiencing the culture and the climate.  The love bugs greeted me also.  I'm happy to see them again flittering about through the air and in the back yard of my home. 

I don't cotton to omens, but if I did, I'd say, love bugs are a happy sign of the restorative quality of nature.  Except for the ones I meet while driving, I greet them fondly for they bring especially good memories of a good church, on good earth, on Goodwood.  They remind me of the bonds of a beloved community.


We've postponed and postponed several projects in our church over the last 14 years --parking lot, sanctuary upgrade, several internal improvements and staffing.  With anticipation and joy, Great Expectations is set to launch on September 30, providing we have a positive VOTE from the congregation on September 2. Please attend the Congregational meeting on Sept. 2 after the Jazz Worship services. On September 30, we'll conduct one service only at 10:30 a.m.  We'll be together, celebrating in worship, and having fun, food, and talent offerings afterwards.


No proxy or absentee ballots will be accepted for the congregational meeting on Sept. 2.  This VOTE is to launch or not to launch a capital drive.  Please attend on Sunday, September 2.


Two commitments

This fall each member household will be asked to sign two cards, the first is the financial commitment to run our church in year 2013.  The second card represents a commitment, a sacrificial gift, to be paid out in most cases over a 3-year period for capital needs as your leadership has articulated and distilled them. (See Great Expectations goals on insert).  Again this year, I will be renewing my pledge to the operating budget--the first priority-- and then, making a commitment for an extra gift from savings.  We want commitments we can count on.  There will be two cards.   First card: for year 2013 operating budget.  Second card: for an extra, sacrificial gift for completing campus and program projects of the church.  For some, that second gift will come from savings, from property, from investments, from other assets turned into cash. For others, the second gift will come from income.  We've processed and planned. We've discussed plans and will discuss even more. We've waited long for this moment. 

Please be generous.