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Religious Education Staff

Shannon Cavell, Julie Richard, Lynn Farmer, and I have been overseeing the religious education program for about a month now. Please do not hesitate to come to us with any comments or concerns; we will do our best to address them. Kathy E. Smith, our new Director of Family Ministry, begins her work here with us on August 1. We have been trying very hard for a smooth transition; if you haven’t noticed much of a difference in how the RE programs are running, that’s probably a good sign. 

Classes for all age levels continue throughout the summer. Bear in mind that some classes are combined during the summer, and the children have “risen up” to the grade level they will be attending in the fall. 

We have recently begun having children's choir practice twice a month.  Currently, the choir is practicing in the Flames classroom on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 10:45am.  This is a great opportunity for children to learn some of our hymns, become comfortable singing, and spend some time with their friends.

There will be an RE Committee Meeting on July 9, 12:30. We will be picking fall curricula and discussing upcoming events. Childcare will be provided.

~ Rachel Stahl, RE Transition Team


 Director of Religious Education The Reverend Beth Williams

New RE Team Co-Leader: I am pleased to announce that Lynn Farmer will be joining me as RE Team Co-Leader as of August 1. Lynn has taught religious education at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge for several years, and currently advises in our Middle Youth class.

 Teaching In Religious Education for Children and Youth – we have a small but mighty roster of teachers and advisers for our religious education program in 2016-20017, but we need more help. Are you that special someone who will add new energy and a fresh perspective to a teaching team this year? Beth Williams,

  We have a great roster of teachers and advisers in our Sunday morning religious education program this summer, but we could always use some more. Here is our current line-up:

 9:30: Little Sundays of Surprises (Ages 3-K) Dr. Seuss and the Unitarian Universalist

Ann Mengelson-Clark, Ramon Lopez, Gwendolyn Pine

9:30:Big Sundays of Surprises (Grades 1-6) Creativity Lab Beth Williams,  Anita Lopez

11:15: Sparks/Flames (Age 3 - Grade 1) Dr. Seuss UU Style
Jerri Becnel, Irene Kato, Chris O’Brien
 11:15: Blazes (Grades 2-3) Toolbox of Faith
Amanda Major, Mark Thurmon, Mikey Walsh

11:15 Mysteries (Grades 4-5) Toolbox of Faith
Kerry Hebert, Susan Mitchell, Rachel Stahl, Angus Woodward

11:15 Questioners Middle Youth (Grades 6-8) Popcorn Theology
Mike Cavell, Marla Elsea, Dawn Haase-Davis, Anna West
 11:15  Seekers Sr. Youth (Grades 9-12) Popcorn Theology Too
Dave Comeaux, Marla Elsea, Jerry Gilbert, Leonore Heavey, Tamara Hebert


  Senior Youth will attend the full worship services of their choice approximately once per month. On most other Sundays they will begin their religious education program at 11:15 in their classroom.







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