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Religious Education Staff

It’s hard to believe, but our children’s summer vacations are more than halfway over. We have been having a good time in the RE wing these past few months. Our summer classes have been relaxed but still educational; movie discussions for our youth, and games, crafts and active play for the younger children. Ingathering will be on August 13. Our new Director of Family Ministry, Kathy Smith, will be here to welcome the children into their new year of religious education. Ingathering is a community worship service and we hope to see many families there. 

Many of our teachers will be continuing to volunteer in the fall, but we are still looking for more. You can volunteer to work with children of any age, from tiny preschoolers up through youth; it is not a weekly commitment; substitutes are needed as well as regular teachers. It’s fun and rewarding; we have some great kids in this church and you would enjoy spending time with them.

The Middle and Senior Youth will be having a lock-in on August 25th. It’s a great bonding experience for new and returning youth as they start the new school year together. 

We have selected our fall curricula. In a couple of classes, we decided to continue using the summer curriculum. This is not something we typically do but we thought that these curricula are working pretty well for the summer and there are sufficient lessons left to continue through the fall. Below are the curricula our classes will be using this fall:

• Little Sundays of Surprises: Chalice Children
• Big Sundays of Surprises:  UU Superheroes
• Sparks/Flames: Dr. Seuss and the UU’s
• Blazes/Mysteries: Spirit of Adventure
• Questioners:  Compass Points
• Seekers: Dare to Know

 If any parents, teachers, or people interested in teaching, would like to know more about any of these, feel free to ask a member of the RE team.

~ Shannon Cavell and Rachel Stahl, RE Transition Team