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Congregational Care

The Congregational Care  provides care to people within the church community during times of illness, accident, surgery, chemotherapy and after a death in the family.  This care can be the sending of a card from fellow churchmembers or providing food that can be easily heated and served or arranging transportation temporarily.   Providing a reception after a funeral or memorial service for a member is another way to show care and  comfort to the family of the deceased.  

This group of dedicated volunteer members are the "first team" to meet these practical needs of our congregants who are in crisis.  But there is another team of backup people who are only called on occasionally and who do not attend the six team meeting a year.  We call them our CC  Helpers.   Pet-sitting, checking mail, comfort for an elder person who lives in the home of one who is having surgery, interpreting a language, a lift to work when the car is disabled...these are not frequent needs.   Many people do these things now for neighbors, friends, relatives.      

Please visit the Congregational Care table in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning for more information on how you may become involved in either of these caring teams.