Crump Expressway

Post date: Jan 1st 2008
✔ Change is inevitable. Even while trying to hold onto things as they are, we change. Songwriter Jacques Brel wrote, “Everything must change . . . the young become the old. Mysteries do unfold. That’s the way of time. No one. Nothing goes unchanged.” With the calendar flip, I covet for you clarity, consciousness, a generosity of spirit, and a hopeful expectation of the dawn.
Post date: Dec 1st 2007
✔ Enjoy the holidays here at our church, full of wonder and aglow with ambience and delight; alive with laughter and music. Unitarians were the first Americans to adopt the European custom of bringing a tree into the home at Christmas time. Charles Dickens was a Unitarian. Clara Barton, Universalist and founder of the Red Cross, was born December 25. The winter solstice touches upon ancient rituals and feelings, a remarkable celebration for children and adults alike. There is no reason to be lonely during the holidays. Come and bring your friends. Or, come and make new ones.
Post date: Nov 1st 2007
 Late breaking news: The UUA supports and encourages us to continue our racial justice work. You will be pleased to hear that we received a grant from the UUA’s James Reeb Fund, making it possible for us to employ William Winters as Racial Justice Coordinator.
Post date: Oct 1st 2007
 The Advocate and local electronic media have reported our church’s recent activities in support of “public and private action in support of justice and reconciliation in Jena, LA.” The resolution, brought to our congregation for a vote by the Board of Trustees of our church, was composed
Post date: Sep 1st 2007
Staff covenant of right relations ~Two years ago, members of our staff --Leslie Hebert, Jessica Gray, Diana Dorroh, Ila Stoltzfus and I-- began working on a document of right relations. In most UU congregations, such an agreement between persons on how they promise to relate with one another is called a covenant. We thought you’d be interested in the language of our covenant: • “We promise to value our ministry of leadership to our congregation as a team and to offer our loyalty to that team.
Post date: Aug 1st 2007
• Are we to become politically neutered UUs? Because we’re in the throes of another election cycle, now is as good a time as any to review the place of politics and the church.
Post date: Jul 1st 2007
 “I’m not a joiner.” “I see myself on a spiritual quest.” “I’m a Buddhist.” These are the three most commonly heard expressions for not joining our church. Here’s one I heard several years ago: “One of these days when I get my life together I’m going to check out the Unitarian Church.” My reply was: “Don’t wait that long.” Fortunately, my reply got a laugh.
Post date: Jun 1st 2007
 Do this at home, but not in thunder or lightening: Run in the rain. Or, walk in the rain. You could work in the rain.
Post date: May 1st 2007
Members here are having heartfelt discussions on the topic of the Covenant of Right Relations. This is good. I hope our membership will be on hand for the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 20th. Please be generous in your giving. If you have no financial contribution on record for this year, please call our church office. We need the participation and the commitment of every member.
Post date: Apr 1st 2007
 Have you thought of something nifty to give to the church auction? Trips, a cabin for a weekend, jewelry, collectibles, gift certificates, a meal that you can cater, outings, and fine art –these are sure winners that bring delight to bidders. I’m offering a sermon topic of one’s choice to the highest bidder. I can be bought at least one time each year –for a good cause. Be creative. See you at the auction, Saturday, April 14th. And bring your friends. The hors d’oeuvres are terrific each year.