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Post date: Dec 1st 2008
✓ Holiday Assignment: View “Lars and the Real Girl,” a film directed by Craig Gillespie and nominated last year for best original screenplay. The film may be in the comedy section at the video store. It is not comedy. It was one of five films I viewed in the Process Theology film class I took while on educational leave this past spring. Let’s discuss it here at church in the new year.
Post date: Nov 1st 2008
✓ In an address at Atlas Foundation’s Intercultural Friendship and Dialog Dinner last month, I spoke on the importance of dialogue as a form of creative interchange. The spirit of authentic dialog must be that of mutual respect, friendship, and compassion for the other.
Post date: Oct 1st 2008
✔ Remember to vote on Saturday, October 4th. ✔ We’re open. We’re powered. We want to serve. How can we help? Our church became operational within
Post date: Sep 1st 2008
✔ Two billion people watched? The opening celebration of the Summer Olympics got an enormous world-wide audience. It was a dazzling, impressive display. I’d call the production genius.
Post date: Aug 1st 2008
✔ I'm back from a good break from regular parish duties. I have been living among the palms of southern California.
Post date: Jul 1st 2008
Greetings from Southern California where, even as this column went to press, gasoline is inching towards $5, numerous library books are coming due, but the jacarandas are still in full bloom. The educational leave granted me by the congregation has been restorative and fruitful, giving me some blocks of time for study and reflection. Thanks, congregation, for this break. And thanks, staff, Board, and leadership, for keeping the hinges oiled and the mission front and center. Here are a few highlights from my recent experiences here in CA:
Post date: Jun 1st 2008
My educational leave continues. I am enjoying the reading, the study and the beauty of southern CA. The stroll through the libraries of the Claremont Colleges is a feast, a banquet for the mind.
Post date: Apr 1st 2008
I am currently on educational leave for the three months of April, May, and June of 2008. I am adding four weeks of vacation time to the leave, so that my actual time away from the congregation will be from April through July. I am dedicating the time away to reading, reflection, writing, and renewal as visiting scholar at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, CA. I plan to attend classes at Claremont and have access to the school library.
Post date: Mar 1st 2008
✔ A high school student, whose school bus passes our church every week day, emails our church and asks for advice. He sees our “welcoming congregation” message on our sign. But he can’t attend our church because he (being 17 years old) must attend the church of his parents, a church, he claims, is un-welcoming towards gay people. What should he do? Here is an excerpt from my written response to him: “ . . . Often religions simply say: ‘Don't and thou shalt not’ and attempt to remake other people in an image that does not honor the unique core of a human being.
Post date: Feb 1st 2008
✔ Change at the Chalice Lighting