Crump Expressway

Post date: Oct 1st 2009
Were we too bold last month when we suggested the recession was nearly over? We noted Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s sightings of green shoots. Newsweek splashed its August cover with: The Recession is Over.
Post date: Sep 1st 2009
From what I read about the orb weaver spider (the Araneidae family), I can affirm from my own observation. She makes new shimmering, golden webs almost daily. I first greeted her in the spring and watched her grow all summer. I told exterminators to stay away from my friend. She doesn’t bother me. I don’t bother her. Except on one occasion while out pruning a crape myrtle, a branch ruined her home. I thought she would become indignant and set up residence at my neighbors. But alas, she built another awesome web on the other side of my home. I call her resilient, loyal, and delightful.
Post date: Aug 1st 2009
A Spiritual Discipline is a practice, a regular activity that does our bodies, our minds, our souls good. In general we think we can do without spiritual disciplines until we find something missing in our lives. Then we get engaged like some CSI lab detective and find that the something missing is indirectly connected to the very disciplines we originally thought were nonessential.
Post date: Jul 1st 2009
Match Ten from the 2008-09 sermon season. Try matching each item in PART A with a corresponding sermon reference in PART B. Answers found below. PART A 1. Charles Darwin's Grandfather 2. An Aesop fable idea 3. Easter 4. It's a racket! 5. It comes down to the unpleasant fact that a significant number of our fellow citizens are now as greedy and gullible as boxful of puppies. 6. What increases or diminishes . . . the power of activity in the body . . . helps or hinders the power of thought in our mind. 7. Randy Pausch 8. A James Hillman teaching 9. It's a wonderful life.
Post date: Jun 1st 2009
Before the showing ends at Southern University Museum of Art, I hope you will stop to see several rare and unpublished photos by Chris McNair, the father of one of the slain children of the 1965 dynamite bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.
Post date: May 1st 2009
 I offer a few summary points from my commentary on Sunday, April 19th, Spiritual Wisdom for a Economic Crisis:
Post date: Apr 1st 2009
Saturday Auction, April 4 I hope to see you all at our Auction Gala. You’ll enjoy the bidding, the auctioneer, the food, fun and friends. And you’ll find something wonderful to take home. I’ve offered a “sermon topic of your choice” to be auctioned to the highest bidder.
Post date: Mar 1st 2009
 Audios on our Website ~ just click Audios on the church homepage to hear several audio recordings of recent sermons and homilies.  When It Gets Too Blue For You (an excerpt from a sermon 2-15-09, see full text and hear audio file on our website)
Post date: Feb 1st 2009
Darwin and Lincoln
Post date: Jan 1st 2009
 Lars and the Real Girl We’re showing the film as an appetizer and intro to the subject of process theology. See the film at church on Sunday, January 11, at 1 pm with lunch. Or, see it at church on Wednesday, January 21, 7 pm.  We leave an old year in the dust . . .