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Our Mission Statement

"Grounded in love and respect for nature and humanity and dedicated to the individual's search for truth we provide a home where we can celebrate spiritual diversity and commit ourselves to serving the human community." 

Though volunteer community service is highly visible, as forcefully demonstrated during last year’s monthly 60/60 service projects, it is but one function of the multi-faceted program known as Outreach. Ongoing occasional group projects at agencies such as the Holy Grill, St Vincent de Paul, the Baton Rouge Food Bank and others provide much-needed services and help to make our congregation’s mission and presence known to the Baton Rouge community. However, Outreach also provides an outward focus to the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Southwest Unitarian Universalist Association through our church’s memberships and attendance of our minister and members at conferences, workshops, and in other involvements. We also make individual contributions to Chalice Lighters, which support special needs of SWUUC churches and developing congregations. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with other Louisiana Unitarian Universalist congregations. Locally, we are members and participate in activities of the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge, and work with other interfaith activities. A notable example is our long-time partnership with Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church in the Camphor/UU Partnership. The Food Cart and monthly shared offering, functions of both Outreach and Social Justice, provide support to local causes and are tangible ways of "making our presence known".

But Outreach also embraces an inward focus. This is best demonstrated through the Welcome Table, where visitors are greeted each Sunday morning, given literature about our church, and are invited to sign up to receive weekly announcements and the monthly newsletter. Such visits are followed up through personal notes, and sometimes through phone calls. Visitors who wish to learn more about our church and Unitarian Universalism with possible interest in joining attend Roots classes, taught by the minister. In addition to word-of-mouth invitations, visitors likely learn about our church through the Website, as well as through news articles about Sunday services and other special events and activities submitted to print media and other sources by Public Relations.  A group of regular volunteers serve these critical functions on behalf of our church to help fulfill the goals of Outreach: to connect our church to the larger community, so that people who need us can find us.

Becky Cureau, Outreach Director, May 2012 Newsletter column